Wednesday Wars

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Wednesday Wars

by Aline and Tyler

         The book The Wednesday Wars, by Gary D. Schmidt, is a great book for kids and adults. The book is very simple, but it has a lot of details that leaves you wanting to read more.

It has much vocabulary that makes it great for all ages. It has different sentence variety so it doesn’t repeat. Kids will get hooked in because there are many problems that Holling has to face that leads to the big problem. The book also has an award on it, which means that the book is good.

This book can also be very easy to relate to for an adult or a child. The book is set in the Vietnam War so many adults can relate to this. it shows the struggle of people and how they faced it. The point of view is Holling’s, a sixth grade student so many kids around our age can relate to him,

Overall, this book is great for all ages and it is very easy to relate to. It made the top 16 for the Novel Madness competition in our class. It has great vocabulary and details. You can easily picture the scene of the story by the details. It is an excellent book to read anytime.

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