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One day in class we were discussing how the setting affects a story. It’s easy to say that a story about loving nature must take place in the country rather than a city, but I was surprised by a question. The student asked, “Why, in all the paranormal future stories, is the city always trashed?” I started to think of the stories he was referring to and realized I couldn’t think of any that were set in a successful, vibrant city. The Apocalypse Gene, by Suki Michelle and Carlyle Clark, which is one of my favorites, is set in a future where a cancer epidemic has ravished Chicago. In Hunger Games, the world is starving and repressed. There are more…lots more. Can anyone think of a book set in a pleasant future?

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  1. The future seems scary to us. And considering how things are going at the moment, with the environment and economics, it does seem plausible that future isn’t the happiest time to be.

    But about that loving nature story setting… I live in a city (a small one, granted), yet we have lots of nature here. Actually the area I live is almost surrounded by forrest and such.

    Being born and raised at countryside (very deep in there) I appreciate it though I also appreciate the ease of city too. I hope the future cities aren’t the gloomy ones from the stories, but rather the kinds that environmentalists fantasize about: Trees and plants everywhere. Houses built to sustain human and green life.

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