The natural landscape with the storm, overcast sky and lonely treeDay 13! Darkness

There is a darkness settling over the publishing industry. In the past, an author worked hard to polish a book for publication. Then they sent letters to agents and publishers asking to be published. After many rejections, some were accepted. Nowadays, anybody can self-publish, and the stigma of doing so is going away. But just because you CAN publish doesn’t mean you SHOULD. It’s too easy to forego the massive editing that traditional publication requires, and there is an awful lot of poorly edited garbage out there among the gems. I’ve been asked to review books where the author starts calling the main character by a different name, where spelling errors abound, and grammar is atrocious. If you decided to self publish, hire a professional editor, not your friend!

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  1. Amen. I do get shocked when I get a book so full of typos! Edit! Edit! Edit!!

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