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Every morning in my classroom, students work on Daily Oral Language. They edit sentences for punctuation, spelling, grammar, and capitalization. As a result, they should be able to spot those errors in the real world.

If you find one, snap a pic and email it to me!

it’s = it is–Should be ‘all its name implies’

In this case, they want to say ‘you are’ so it should be ‘you’re on vacation.’

A little disturbing–rapeseed oil? I think they mean GRAPESEED oil

‘forein’ should be ‘foreign’

I wonder how much TUTORING this person does?

sign’s should be signs–plural not possessive. Kind of makes you wonder how professional the signs are.

On a sidewalk in Capitola, during Jr. Life GUARD training.

Specical = Special

car breakings? Is that worse than break ins?

Maybe keep YOUR?

phaRmacy… between the hourS


Specials and PaCkages…

plural of mermaid is mermaids

plural of Saturday is Saturdays

worlds = world’s
Resistent = Resistant         Maintanience = Maintenance
should be ‘my granddaughter’
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