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Glassblower Trilogy

As you may know, I am a sucker for gorgeous covers. That’s why I initially picked up The Glassblower by Petra Durst-Benning. To date, I have read all ten of her books. I just finished rereading this trilogy and enjoyed it just as much the second time.

The Glassblower Trilogy follows a family in the small town of Lauscha, Germany. Lauscha is actually a town where handblown glass Christmas ornaments are made, and the author has created a fictional narrative about a girl who begins to create ornaments and her sisters who help. The trio of girls is orphaned and, of course, no one expects them to take up their father’s glassblowing trade. The tale of a hard life in a small village contrasted with the beautiful fragility of the glass ornaments instantly grabs the reader.

The sisters have very distinct personalities, and each one makes her way differently. While the family appears in all three books, each sister stars in her own. These books tell of women who, in the beginning, don’t know their own strength of character. As they grow into their independence, they become women worthy of admiration. Along the way, their setbacks, internal doubts, and arguments with each other only make their bond stronger.

All three novels are well researched, and they will bring you into the setting instantly. They were written in German and translated, but the translation is superb. At least, I enjoyed them and I assume they’re just as good in German!

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