I love events where I can sell my leatherwork AND my books!
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A few years ago, my husband and I were shopping in Carmel, California, when I ran across a hand-tooled leather portfolio in a store. It held a half-sized pad of lined paper, and it was lovely. Price? $600. “No way,” I told my husband. “I’ll make one.”

Tooling leather has a history in our family. In the early 1940’s, my parents met in a leatherworking class at San Jose State University. My mother called him to borrow a tool. I don’t know what happened to my father’s tools, but my mother’s were passed on to me. Each one is marked with pink nail polish, no doubt to distinguish them from my father’s!


In the sixties, my mother was my Girl Scout leader. She taught us to tool leather. I still have a bookmark I made during that time, and a checkbook cover she made for my father before they were married.

Books and leather gift basket for an auction!

So I dragged my husband to Tandy Leather and bought leather. Sometimes my family

gets annoyed by the hammering, but I find tooling

leather relaxing and rewarding.


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