Leatherwork by Linda

My parents met in a college leatherworking class when my mother called my father to borrow a specific tool–at least that’s how the story goes. When I was a Girl Scout, my mother taught my troop to tool leather bookmarks, one of which I still have. Now she’s given me her tools, and I’m enjoying expressing my creativity! When a novel isn’t coming out right, pounding leather releases frustration.


First, cut the pieces you need out of vegetable tanned leather. This is the beginning of a purse I made. Use the paper pattern to trace the image onto the leather, leaving indentations in the leather.IMG_2043


This is my workspace. See Mom’s tools in the white tool holder?




IMG_2057Use the tools to carve and stamp designs into the leather. Here is a finished piece atop another piece that’s just a traced pattern.




And ta-da! The finished result. Ready to              IMG_2073 dye and finish at left, fully assembled on right.









IMG_0388Here is a project I’m very proud of. It became the cover of a binder for my son’s Dungeon and Dragons materials.

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