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Love of Reading

My earliest memories of reading include going to the library with my brother and my mom. I happily perused the children’s section, loading my arms with books. My mother painstakingly tried to find boys’ books about baseball. (In the sixties, there weren’t as many as there are now) I would settle in at home and read nonstop, finishing a dozen books in a few days.

Reading is a passion with me, but I don’t remember any required reading in elementary school that I immediately loved. As a teacher, that should have sent up a red flag long ago. If no teacher ignited my passion for reading, what did? How can I help my students crave books?

The basics of what I believe in my soul:

◊ Children love books they choose themselves, or are recommended by their friends.

◊  If they love the book, they will read more.

◊ More reading leads to better reading, and better vocabulary, spelling, and grammar.

Follow my journey as I implement a Reader’s Workshop in my sixth grade classroom this fall. I already use Writer’s Workshop to inspire writers, so I hope Reader’s Workshop will motivate readers to new heights.

On my Kindle: Dance With Dragons by George R. R. Martin

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