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 Aloha Spirit

Inspired by the life of Carmen Rodrigues, this novel follows a young woman through defining moments in her life. Born in territorial Hawaii, her mother passes away when she is young, and her father leaves her to find work on the mainland. Worked hard by her adopted Hawaiian family, Carmen marries at 16 and has three children by age 22. Then her husband begins to abuse her. Rising above the hardship, she practices aloha spirit her entire life.

*2018–Working on a major revision of the novel. 

This is a temporary placeholder since I do not have a cover yet for this book.


Artwork by Frank McIntosh for Matson Lines

Xavier’s Desk Monster 

is a picture book for 7-9 year olds.  It tells the story of a student with a really really messy desk.  I know you can probably figure out the author’s message on that one without reading it, but I promise it will be a fun read anyway!*2012–A student drew some fabulous illustrations for the first draft! Love them!

*2013–I revised the story and need new pictures, but the student who did the originals is too busy with school now.

*2014–On hold for now unless I happen to run across an illustrator.

*2017–An author friend suggested I turn this into a graphic novel. That is a promising idea


A Visitor to Sandahl

is a compendium of short stories set in the fantasy world of Methanasia made popular in the Cable Hornman Tales of a Bard series. Various writers were challenged to develop a short story to fit in or around the town of Sandahl. My short story, included in this book, is called “Road to Sandahl.” This small mountain valley realm is at the crossroads of the continent, geographic- ally astride the intersection of three of the major mountain ranges and politically in between three separate empires.  Compiled by C. Lee Brown A Visitor to Sandahl NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM!

The second volume of stories was published early in 2014, called Return to Sandahl. It includes my story “Roark’s Raiders.”  Compiled by C. Lee Brown Return to Sandahl NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM!
Return to Sandahl

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    1. Yes! Rewrite is done and the editor LOVES it. I do a little happy dance in my head when I think about it. 🙂 Click on the title above to read an excerpt.

  1. Great blog! You are such a great teacher. I’d like you to try my middle grade novels out on you students some time if you like.

    Best of luck on all your endeavors.

  2. I hope I can read the rest of On a Wing and a Dare! It’s a really great book. If you can, can you email the rest of the book to me? I told my little sister all about your novel and she wants to read it too!

    1. I’m so glad you liked it, Kathryn! I finished the first revision of On a Wing and a Dare, but I still have some problems to iron out. THEN, I want to get it published. Maybe you can buy one for your sister and she can buy one for you! I’ll autograph both of them…… 🙂

  3. Sorry about Xavier’s Desk Monster… That really was a nice book. Good luck on your novels and getting them published, plus Road to Sandahl!

    1. I just found out today that the edit of the internal pages is almost done. The editor and publisher are still working on marketing strategies. I’m eager to see it, but I don’t know how long it will be. I will definitely let you know!

  4. Great! I am craving to read more of your stories. They are awesome! How is “On a Wing and a Dare” coming along? I want to know what happens to Daav, Eliv, and Kamila and the rest of Tremirson.

  5. Congratz on publishing Road to Sandal. It was a really great story! I hope you have more luck with your other novels!

    1. This year’s class wrote more than last year’s. The book will be about the same thickness, but a little bigger. I’m still working on it…stay tuned.

  6. How can you teach kids AND write such amazing books at the same time? Personally, your books isn’t really in my genre of reading, but I can still recognize good books outside of my reading range. You must tell us your secret sometime. (ABSOLUTELY MUST!)

  7. Mrs. Ulleseit, I think you should increase the boundary for Xavier’s Desk Monster. Anyone from 5 year olds to 11 year olds will love it! I would have included four year olds in there too if it had not been for the fact that the student’s name was Xavier. All the same, please don’t change the name of Xavier!

  8. I am very excited for your third book, Under a Wild and Darkening sky, to come out! I have waited forever (Okay, maybe just a couple months), and I just LOVED the second book! Owain is definitely my favorite character! The plot of In the Winds of Danger was amazing, and I devoured every scrap of the story! One my top ten favorite series, without a doubt. Xavier’s Desk Monster is also a really good book. I hope it gets published, because I’ll be the first to buy it! And I’m confident that Under the Almond Trees WILL be published one day. Good luck on all of your future novels! 😉 😀

  9. Oh yeah, and if I ever get the whole series, can you autograph them some time this year or the next? 🙂 I still have a whole year ahead of me before I graduate from sixth grade, so, my time schedule is flexible. (Just FYI, I don’t have the books yet; I’m GOING to get them) 😀

  10. Under the Almond Trees really sounds like an exciting novel. It must be amazing to have historical people in your own family. Also, I can really connect to Xzavier about being unorganized. Visitor and Road to Sandahl sound very interesting since there is so much variety in the book itself.

  11. These books seem very interesting! It must be really cool to say that you have historic people in your family. I can’t relate to Xavier because my desk has always been neat, I just can’t stand a messy desk! Visitor to Sandahl and Return to Sandahl seem very cool. I’m going to have to read them!

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