New Title Contest!

stone horseFlying Horse Books #1 is called ON A WING AND A DARE.

Flying Horse Books #2 (due out March 2013) is called IN THE WINDS OF DANGER.

Flying Horse Books #3 is still in the planning stages, but it needs a working title.

SO, I’m having a contest. I will give a free copy (paperback or ebook) of IN THE WINDS OF DANGER to the person who comes up with the best title. Here’s what to do:

1. Title must start with a preposition

2. Title must have a w/d echo (like wing/dare and winds/danger)

Post your title below in a comment, one title per comment.

If you can’t think of a title on your own, please reply to title comments and let me know which one you like! Ultimate decision is up to me, of course!

Contest will remain open until March 15, 2013. Start thinking!

16 responses to “New Title Contest!”

  1. Beyond the Web of Deception

    1. Ah! Spider flying horses!

  2. From the World Departed

    1. Great title. Hmmmm zombie flying horses?

  3. With the Waters of Death


    1. Oh, I like using ‘Waters’ since I have wind and wing in the other two

  4. From the Web of the Dead

    1. both ‘death’ and ‘dead’ are a little depressing. Would YOU read that book???

  5. Great efforts, all! Keep trying…..

  6. On a Dance of Wings

  7. With wings and love there is more to come.
    P.S. this kind of sounds like poetry.

  8. In the Ways of Deception

  9. With the Wits of a Demon

  10. On the Wings of Disgrace

  11. With the Waves of Devotion

    1. Great ideas, Dewey, you’ve really been thinking!

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