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Summer Writing

The weather is finally warming up and summer vacation will be here soon.  Parents and children alike will be looking for things to do to keep those long summer days busy–in between vacations and trips to the beach and pool parties and movies of course!

I know some parents enroll their kids in computer camp and scout camp and ballet camp and camping camp, but even so there will be hours that are empty.  My first choice for those hours is to pick up a book and curl up outside under a tree to read.  My second choice is to write.

Practice writing all summer long, and you will be a much better writer come fall.  Does that mean you have to write an essay every day? No!  Practice sharing emotion through your writing.  Here are some ideas how you can do that:

1.  Keep a journal.  Do more than just record the day’s events.  Write about how the things that happened made you feel.  Later, when your mood has changed, read what you wrote and see if you can recapture how you felt.

2.  Write descriptions.  Practice using sensory details that show what you saw, heard, tasted, smelled, touched, and felt with your heart.  Describe your home, a vacation spot, a pet, a relative. . . the possibilities are endless!

3.  Keep a list of awesome words.  If you encounter a great word in your reading, jot it down so you can use it in your writing.  ‘Alabaster’ is one of those words, and ‘scamper.’

4.  Subscribe to this blog and/or check back frequently.  I’ll have some fun exercises you can do online.  AND…..the person who does the best job responding to posts over the summer WILL GET A PRIZE COME FALL.  This year will be easier than ever, since school starts back up in mid-August–there’s only 8 weeks of summer!  This contest is open to everyone, even parents!  You do not have to be a student at my school–I’ll mail you yourprize.  Keep checking this space for prize announcements.

Post samples of your writing here.  We can enjoy each other’s work!

On my Kindle:  A River in the Sky by Elizabeth Peters

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