Novel Madness 2015 Round Two

My sixth grade class in in the midst of choosing their favorite novel of all time. I call this annual event Novel Madness. They started with 16 novels, all brainstormed by the students. To see the original list, click here. Pairs of students wrote persuasive essays and presented them. The class voted. The following books… Continue reading Novel Madness 2015 Round Two


Novel Madness!

It's that time again. March Madness for basketball, and Novel Madness in my classroom. The students whittled down a long list to come up with their top 16 favorite novels. Students will write persuasive speeches to convince their classmates to vote for their book. By Easter, we'll have a winner--stay tuned! Round One: Wonder by… Continue reading Novel Madness!


Novel Madness 2013

Novel Madness 2013 First Round Winners! After a day of spirited persuasive speeches, my class voted and here are the results of the first round. I have logged them here already lined up for their second round match. Round two voting takes place on March 19. Care to sway the vote? Post a comment extoling… Continue reading Novel Madness 2013