Sea of Monsters

Sea of Monsters by Carina and Suvir Think of yourself attacking Cyclops, searching the world for the Golden Fleece, and saving over 300 people. Rick Riordan takes you to an imaginative world in this incredible novel. The Sea of Monsters is thought provoking and attention grabbing. It offers humor, continuous action, and loads of descriptive… Continue reading Sea of Monsters


Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid by Arnav and Andrew for Novel Madness 2013 After school, you walk to the public library. You love magic, and you want the perfect book. Then you see it, sparkling, different from all the others. You look at the book cover. It’s the Red Pyramid! What is the book about? Magical godlings,… Continue reading Red Pyramid


Mark of Athena

Mark of Athena by William and Megan for Novel Madness 2013 Greek and Roman mythology have amazing stories that most people don’t get to enjoy. Though some people might think that Mark of Athena is boring, we believe that you should vote for it. We believe this because it’s easy to get hooked on, it… Continue reading Mark of Athena