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I just returned home after attending the CUE 2015 conference in Palm Springs, California, for Computer Using Educators. Conferences are always inspiring, and this time I picked up a bunch of new ideas I can use immediately! Among the tech coming soon to my classroom:

1.  This is an educational version of the popular game. We are already using it to build landmarks in ancient civilizations. Now I can use it in language arts–imagine building a scene from a novel!

2. Google Classroom   Truly on the way to a paperless classroom, this allows students to receive assignments, complete them on Google Docs, and turn them in. They can provide feedback, save them to their own Goodle Drive, and create Google Forms. I can also use Google Forms for online quizzes!

3. Kidblog  A safe way for students to each have their own blog. Teachers monitor content, of course. We’ll also participate in Quadblogging, where four classes share a month. One class blogs for a week while the other three focus on commenting on the blogs. Then the second class blogs for a week, and the others comment, etc. What wonderful feedback!

4. Skype  is a marvelous face-to-face opportunity for students. I envision Skyping with a park ranger next year before visiting Alcatraz, with another class participating in NaNoWriMo, maybe with the NaNoWriMo director or even the vice mayor of San Jose!

Four ways that will challenge me to engage more students and teach them digital citizenship through daily Internet use. Now I just need to hijack the iPad cart…or get one of my own.

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  1. I like how you are so passionate about these ideas! I feel the same about Google Classroom and it would be a great idea. I like the Skype idea, but how will our whole class do this?

    1. Skype will be done whole class in front of one computer screen. It will work, I promise! How do you feel about blogging? Have you done that before?

  2. Amrit Kaur Gill Avatar
    Amrit Kaur Gill

    I think these ideas are great. If I become a teacher one day I will use these ideas in my class. I just have one question about Google Classroom how will we be able to turn in the assignments?

    1. Remember we set up folders on Classroom? You can put assignments in there. I’ll show you, don’t worry!

  3. I love these new ideas you’ve been planning. Now I don’t have to worry about printing my essay on the day it’s due. I could just turn it in on Google Classroom. When will Quadblogging start?

    1. We have to get better at blogging and commenting before we start Quadblogging. I’m sure it won’t take long.

  4. There are some amazing ideas in here. Google Classroom is so much easier than printing out a copy and sending it to you. Also, quadblogging is a great way to interact with others your age. Who are we gonna quadblog with?

    1. I’m not going to sign up for Quadblogging until we’re ready to go, so I don’t know who will be available then.

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