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Honey Cookies

Samantha’s Honey Cookies

⅓ C butter

¾ C flour

2 eggs

½ C honey

1 grated lemon rind

¾ C flour

4 t baking powder

¼ t salt

Cream butter. Beat in flour. Add one egg yolk and one whole egg. Beat until light and fluffy. Add honey and rind. Sift dry ingredients. Knead until smooth and chill. Roll very thin. Brush with egg white. Decorate if desired. Bake on a greased cookie sheet 350° until lightly browned.

Discussion Questions

  1. What was your favorite part of the book?
  2. What was your least favorite?
  3. Did you race to the end, or was it more of a slow burn?
  4. Which character stuck with you the most?
  5. Did Samantha, Harriet, or Day Sets speak to you most clearly? Why?
  6. Did you learn anything about the women or the historical era?
  7. What did you think of the writing? Are there any standout sentences?
  8. Would you want to read another book by this author?
  9. Did reading the book impact your mood? If yes, how so?
  10. What surprised you most about the book?
  11. How did your opinion of the book change as you read it?
  12. If you could ask the author anything, what would it be?
  13. How does the book’s title work in relation to the book’s contents? If you could give the book a new title, what would it be?
  14. Did this book remind you of any other books?
  15. How did it impact you? Do you think you’ll remember it in a few months or years?
  16. Would you ever consider re-reading it? Why or why not?
  17. Who do you most want to read this book?
  18. Are there lingering questions from the book you’re still thinking about?
  19. Did the book strike you as original?

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