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The Shadows Breathe–Review

Kara loves horses and works hard to become a trainer. She’s young, though, and sometimes acts with her heart. She rushes in to save a horse that’s being abused, which is admirable and wonderful. The consequences at the time pale compared to the importance of saving the horse. This logic drags her deeper into the seedier side of showing horses, something she’s horrified to witness first hand. She continues to help the horses with her loyal friends. Eventually, though, it threatens to be more than they can handle. The horses are once more put in danger, as are Kara and her friends.

You don’t have to be a horse lover to enjoy this book, nor do you have to know about the world of show horses. Any animal lover will respond to Kara and her horses, and everyone knows about the power of friendship and support.

This is a lovely, lovely story. Kara and her friends are complex and interesting, and the horses are terrific characters themselves! The tension over the abuse of the horses and Kara’s reactions (no spoilers here!) made me want to read straight through and never put it down. Wonderful horsey details, wonderful range of emotions. Highly recommended.

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