Under the Almond Trees

Three women.
Three unprecedented dreams.

From the Gold Rush to the Baby Boom, women struggled against social custom, restrictive laws, and limited career opportunities. Under the Almond Trees is the novelized account of three ordinary women who lived extraordinary lives in early California. When Ellen’s husband is killed, she is 8 months pregnant with their third child. Even so, she takes over the running of his lumber mill. As a businesswoman, she wants her voice heard in government. She sues the county of Santa Cruz to vote, but it’s only 1862. She loses. Emily wants to be an architect despite her father’s protests. When she isn’t hired by any of the established firms, she builds her own house with her life partner, Lillian, beginning a lucrative career. Eva chooses a traditional life, marrying and raising children. When her husband refuses to pay for their daughter’s college tuition, though, she opens her own photography business to raise the money.

“A beautifully written, captivating story, Linda Ulleseit eloquently writes a powerful recounting of three generations of strong women in her family who took strides in changing the way we look at women today.” ~~~Susan Stec, author.

Semifinalist in the 2013 Faulkner-Wisdom Creative Writing Contest.

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