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Several of you have been asking for a place to post your stories and essays.  Here it is!  I encourage readers of all ages to post anything they are currently working on.  Whether you are a reader or a writer, I ask that you follow a few rules.


1.  Please keep the content of your work appropriate for all ages.  Don’t offend the parents OR the kids!

2.  Make sure what you post is your very best work.  If it isn’t finished yet, that’s okay, but make sure you’ve checked spelling, grammar, and punctuation as well as you can.

3.  This is not a protected site.  Your work will be available to everyone who clicks on it.  If you intend to try to sell it, do not post the entire piece or delete it after it’s been up awhile.


1.  Please keep your comments supportive and encouraging.  Find SOMETHING positive to say, then offer suggestions.

2.  General comments like, “Wow, cool story” are very nice but really don’t help the writer.  Try to be specific about what you like and what needs work.


1. Send it to me via email,  (flyinghorsebooks @ and I’ll post it.

Here it is, your work…


iPads vs. Textbooks by Anisha

A Room of my Own by Atti

Homework by Jonathan

Community Service by Taman


Compassion and Forgiveness by Erica

Being a Hero by Alex

Determination and Learning From Mistakes by Joshua

Determination and Trust by Sachin

Perseverance and Hope by Anisha

Analysis of the Lightning Thief by Brandon

A Little Help by Kathryn  

Friendship by Lauren

Growing Up by Marina

Loyalty by Jordan


White Water by Amrita

A Dream in Marble by Amrita

Biking by Anthony

The Return by Nitya


Survival Comparison Essay by Aidan

American Dream by Albert

Perseverance by Quentin

Happiness by Sahith

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  1. I bought On a Wing and a Dare and In the Winds of Danger for my Granddaughter Nichole, she’s fourteen and just discovered fantasy novels. I remembered yours from TNBW and how much I enjoyed them. Thanks for writing perfect novels for my Granddaughter Nichole!

    Dagny, dagnee_2002 on TNBW

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