A Dream in Marble

A Dream in Marble by Amrita

I could almost feel my skin sizzling as the scorching sun blazed through a cloudless sky, sucking away every last droplet of water out of me. My face was drenched in sweat, which I persistently, yet ineffectively, tried to dry with my white and yellow hankie. My legs were weary and my mind was in a daze. My heart, a large drum, played to the trudging of my feet, but I could barely notice. I longed for a cool drink of water, but we had emptied all of our water bottles hours ago.

A worry also nagged at my brain. What if the Taj Mahal wasn’t as good as people said it was? What if the pictures on the tourist websites were modified, and made the Taj Mahal look better to promote business? What if we had walked all this way in torturing heat to see a building made out of white rock? After asking myself this, the already tired-looking expression on my face grew even more gloomy, and I dragged my feet so much that the pace of my walk slowed to a crawl.

Without realizing, I had passed underneath a brown stone archway. It provided shade and protection from the sun, but it wasn’t the slightest bit cooler.

I had gotten a lot closer to the Taj Mahal, despite by extremely slow pace. One more step and I would be able to see it. I gulped and wet my parched, dry throat, but my desire for water was not yet fulfilled. It took a great deal of physical and mental effort to take that step, leaving the archway, to witness the Taj Mahal.

            My eyes widened with awe at the sight before me, a row of small fountains in the middle of a brick pathway, with lush, colorful gardens on either side. After the pathway and upon a white marble platform stood two tall marble towers, like guards, to protect the beauty behind them. Designs made from jewels, words made out of gems, and masterful architecture put together in a palace of glittering marble. I took another step forward, and, because of the nearby water, cool bliss seemed to fill my being. It felt as if the water was cooling me, which, in a way, it was. A smile spread across my no longer weary face and a sigh escaped. My family and I all began walking down the pathway toward a show beauty, a majestic palace of white, a dream in marble.

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  1. I love this. It focuses on only a little bit of time. Also so much detail about were she is. I love this essay,

  2. I love this. It focuses on only a little bit of time. Also so much detail about were she is. I love this essay.

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