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by Lauren


The novel Things Not Seen, by Andrew Clements, illustrates the theme of friendship. Bobby wants to stop being invisible, but his parents can’t seem to find a cure. Then Bobby meets Alicia and her parents, so with her help he finds a cure to his invisibility.

Alicia helped Bobby find a file that he needed for further information on how he became invisible. In the book, Alicia was unsure if she should help Bobby, but she did anyway. They must have been real friends because it takes a lot for someone to convince another person to help them steal something. Alicia also didn’t tell her parents about the theft. For her not to tell her parents must have been hard, but Alicia trusted her friend Bobby.

Alicia also helped Bobby find the cure to his invisibility. She told him that two negatives make a positive, so if he did what he did to make him invisible he would no longer be transparent. Alicia was worried after she told Bobby to do what she said to make him visible again. If my friend was in that situation, I would be worried for them, too.

The author is saying that friends help you get through tough times and are always there to help. Alicia helped Bobby steal the file. She also helped him become visible again No matter what, true friends will always be there for you.

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