Growing Up

Growing Up by Marina

Chapter three of the book The Maze of Bones, by Rick Riordan, illustrates the theme of growing up. In the story, Amy, the main character, is at her grandmother’s funeral. As inheritance, she can either accept two million dollars or a challenge that, if she succeeds, will make her family very powerful. This is a difficult choice, and if she is to decide, she will have to grow up a bit.

Growing up means being able to analyze difficult situations and make choices. Amy’s younger brother is still a silly little boy. When he hears the phrase ‘two million dollars,’ he jumps at it, forgetting it will go to his college and not for his use. A real adult would have thought about the things at hand and chosen what he or she believed would be the best choice. For example, Amy showed a lot of growing up in this part of the story. When faced with the choice of making money or a challenge, she did not behave as her brother. She took the time to think and remember her grandmother’s words. This evaluation led to the choice of the challenge.

The author is saying that part of growing up is making decisions. In this chapter, Amy is faced with a hard choice but she pulled through, and this shows how much she has grown up.

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