by Sahith


“A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit, and a violin. What else does a man need to be happy?” Albert Einstein. This quote has many different variations, but identical meanings. Parents repeatedly tell their children to be grateful for what they have because there are many people with nothing; this is extremely true. People have so many materialistic items that they believe they cannot live without, like laptops and smart phones; however, we truly only need a coupe of things to live happily, as the quote explains. Some kids will understnad what he means in an instant. Others will need a little explaining, but they will eventually get it.

I understood this quote the minute I saw it. When I explained it to my friend, she caught right on. Albert Einstein may be eccentric, but he sure makes a lot of sense. Einstein is telling everyone that they don’t need much to live blissfully; people only need a home, family and friends, nourishment, and entertainment. Everyone, think about some things that you might need for survival. Is money the biggest thing that you can’t live without? Some other objects might be phones and TV, but you don’t need any of those. You just want them.

I don’t need much to live joyfully. I wake up in a nice home, I am surrounded by family and friends throughout the day, I have good food for every meal, and I have my brother to play with. I don’t need many other things in life. There wasn’t convenient messaging technology (as is today) in Einstein’s era. Without much technology, everyone had to meet in person or send letters for conversation. They enjoyed themselves by conversing, reading, and playing music. All the advanced technology has manipulated us into needing it for survival. Centuries ago people didn’t have such technology, yet they found ways for happiness, proving my case. We only need a few things in life: a home, family, nourishment, and entertainment. Consider the homeless, less fortunate people. They appear sad and lonely because they do not have the basic ingredients for happiness.

Now does it make sense? You use a PS3 or Wii daily only for self-satisfaction. Instead, you could read a book, take a nap, or do your homework. The lure of technology may be tempting to some, but you don’t need it. All you need to be happy in life is a table, a chair, a bowl of fruit, and a violin.

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