by Jonathan

Homework is a big part of school because it helps students review the materials they learn in class. Some people prefer more homework to do well in school; however, less homework actually helps you more. Having less homework gives you more time to rest or sleep, allows for after school activities, and causes less stress for everyone.

Although homework usually takes up a few hours, students need time for more after school activities. With less homework, students can take music lessons, such as learning the piano. Music can improve their concentration and memory, and therefore students can do better when studying for tests. Instead of doing more homework, students can also use the time to play sports. Sports are important in keeping healthy and preparing for the fitness test. It is also a good idea to help parents with chores after school instead of doing homework. Cleaning your room, mowing the lawn, or helping with the cooking will teach you to be more responsible.

Even though doing homework every day helps prepare for tests, doing less homework gives you time to sleep. Having enough sleep can help you stay alert in class so you will be able to learn more. Also, sleep is important for your body to grow. A strong and healthy body prevents you from getting sick easily, which will force you to stay home and miss school. Sleep also lets the brain rest after a day in school learning. Things will be more interesting when your mind is fresh.

Even though having homework will teach students discipline, less homework is less stress for everyone. Teachers spend a lot of time correcting homework. Instead of stressing about homework, teachers can spend time doing more fun things with their students. Also, homework can be a lot of stress for your family members. Instead of rushing home after work to help with the homework, your parents will have time to relax and make nice treats for the family. Having less homework will definitely be less stressful for students. Without a lot of homework, it will be easier to complete the work on time.

Homework is an excellent way to review what you learn in class. However, a lot of homework can end up getting you lower grades in school. Having less homework gives you more free time to rest, to play, and to have less stress in your life. Talk to your teacher today about how less homework is actually more.

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