by Quentin


“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something, but I can’t accept not trying.” This was said by a man who knew how to succeed–Michael Jordan. This quote not only speaks to me, but it should speak to everyone. Have you ever tried something, but you did not succeed? It may feel bad at first, but maybe you learned something new. The most important thing is that you tried. If you hadn’t tried, you would never have stretched your imagination. You would never have pushed yourself.

I chose this quote by Michael Jackson because he is a strong role model. He played for the Chicago Bulls, won many championships and lost many games. Everyone knows how hard he played, and how much effort he gave in every game. His quote represents determination, and the importance of teamwork. This quote is significant to me because I also play sports, basketball and football, and I know what it means to be determined and work as a team.

I didn’t win all of my games, but I still tried my best. Een when I knew that it would be a tough game, or I was tired, I made sure that I gave it my all. I wanted my coaches, team and fmaily to see how hard I tried. But at some point you know that you and your team will lose a game. You have to recognize what failure is.

When I lost a game, I would use it to motivate me to do better in the next game. I would focus on what I can do better and encourage my teammates to do better too. So did Jordan. When he failed, he didn’t get down on himself; he tried harder next time. Failure is a part of life and Michael Jordan wouldn’t let that stop him from trying. He would step it up in the fourth quarter of every game and his team would rally around him. Are you a memeber of any team? What is your team trying to accomplish? This quote should motivate your team.

We can all take away something from this quote. It teaches determination, teamwork, and perseverance. Michael Jordan wanted people to recognize the most important thing is to try, even if you fail. A team pulling together is a worthwhile outcome even if you fail.

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