10 Christmas Desserts From Around the World

Christmas is my favorite time of year. The two most important parts of Christmas for me are family and food. This year Christmas will be seen through the eyes of my one-year-old grandson. How special is that? I will begin to teach him all about our family’s Christmas traditions, including the food. (Read this blog… Continue reading 10 Christmas Desserts From Around the World

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Writing Short

(This article first appeared on I am a novel writer. I like taking thousands of words to develop a scene or foreshadow the plot. My books are thirty or so chapters.That’s why when Paper Lantern Writers came up with the idea for Unlocked, I initially hesitated. The idea was great, and I wholly supported… Continue reading Writing Short


Top Hist Fic Picks October 2022

This post first appeared on October is when the fall season really takes hold for me. It’s a month of orange and black and brown, scary movies (which I don’t like), small candy bars, and cool wind. Not too many scary stories in the new releases this month, but there are several that promise… Continue reading Top Hist Fic Picks October 2022