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Strong Women by C.C. Harrison

I admire strong women, don't you? I'm not talking about kickass movie women like Lara Croft in TOMB RAIDER or Sarah Conner in TERMINATOR 2 or Ellen Ripley in ALIENS. I'm talking about real young women of today who set goals, plan their lives, and make intelligent decisions for themselves. Women like Amanda, Tricia and… Continue reading Strong Women by C.C. Harrison

Women in History

Glory of the Morning

My current work in progress takes place in the area around Minneapolis, which was Wisconsin Territory at the time. In my research, I came across people I had to include in my story because of their subsequent fame or their contributions to the period. I also discovered fascinating people I couldn’t include. Ho-poe-kaw, or Glory… Continue reading Glory of the Morning

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The Mystery of Mrs. Christie by Marie Benedict

Let me start by saying that I am a fan of Marie Benedict's historical fiction. I enjoyed both Carnegie's Maid and Lady Clementine, and I have The Only Woman in the Room and The Other Einstein on my TBR list. Benedict has a way of making historical women come alive, whether you knew who they… Continue reading The Mystery of Mrs. Christie by Marie Benedict

Women in History

Aunt Jemima: Nancy Green

Aunt Jemima figures are now quite collectible When I was a child, my mother always made pancakes with Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix, and I still do today. Nothing else tastes quite the same. My grandmother even had a cast iron doorstop of the Aunt Jemima character. These doorstops date to the 1930’s, but I have… Continue reading Aunt Jemima: Nancy Green

Reviews, Women in History

Celebrating Mothers

(first published by Paper Lantern Writers, May 2020) To wrap up a month of celebrating motherhood, I thought I’d share some books you might not have read about mothers of famous people. I started searching for historical fiction, but only found two. The others are biography and memoir. I know there’s a lot out there… Continue reading Celebrating Mothers