Under the Almond Trees

Three women.

Three unprecedented dreams.

A beautifully written, captivating story, Linda Ulleseit eloquently writes a powerful recounting of three generations of strong women in her family who took strides in changing the way we look at women today.” ~Susan Stec, author.

“This book is fascinating, not only for the history that is recorded in the story line, but also because of the women whose stories are told in its pages. The book touched my heart and pulled me into the lives of these strong women. I highly recommend this book and congratulate Ms. Ulleseit on writing a story that is beautifully told.”

Christine Perkins, Amazon review

“Overall, this book is about family, love, courage, perseverance, and the ability to make choices. The message of the book is that people should be allowed to follow their heart and to pursue their dreams. It also means that parents and family should be strong role models and to help them keep their dreams alive. The novel is very well-written.”

Lauralee, Amazon review

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