A Viscount’s Vengeance

Author Edie Cay’s Regency Romance series has a new book! Pearl Arthur and Lord Andrepont are back in A Viscount’s Vengeance, and this time they are the stars of the show. Pearl is the sister of the boxer we met in the first book, product of a variety of foster homes and certainly not the society lady she is now portraying after her brother’s marriage. Lord Adrepont is the son of the evil man at the heart of all the trouble in book one. He is thrown over by his mistress, who marries his best friend. In reaction, he marries Pearl.

No one, including the reader, expects this marriage to be a bed of roses, but everyone is rooting for them! Pearl has had such a hard life. She’s finally coming into her own, and she deserves a marriage full of love. Lord Andrepont lives in constant fear of turning into his father, or even being perceived in the same category. He, too, needs a woman’s love to understand he’s his own man.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed all four of the books in this series, A Viscount’s Vengeance is my favorite! I recommend reading them in order so you get the full impact of the situation between the characters in this one.

Edie Cay writes award-winning Regency romances. A LADY’S REVENGE (2020), THE BOXER AND THE BLACKSMITH (2021), A LADY’S FINDER (2022), and A VISCOUNT’S VENGEANCE (2023) focus on the history of women’s boxing and themes of misfits and found family. As a speaker, she has presented at Historical Novel Society, Regency Fiction Writers, History Quill, Chicago-North Spring Fling, Toronto Romance Writers conference, and the Historical Romance Retreat. She regularly contributes to the HNS quarterly journal. She is a member of HNS, The Regency Fiction Writers, ALLi, and a founding member of Paper Lantern Writers. Follow her on social media @authorEdieCay.

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