Guest post/Interview

Finding Strength in the Ashes

Finding Strength in the Ashes by Mary Helen Sheriff Confession: I cried when I watched the Wonder Woman movie that came out a few years ago. The little girl still inside me, the one who ran around in Wonder Woman Underoos for much of her childhood, finally got her superhero movie and it was AMAZING.… Continue reading Finding Strength in the Ashes

Guest post/Interview

On Becoming a Statistic

By Valerie Taylor Lately I’ve had counting on my mind. Whether it’s the number of daily COVID-19 cases, the number of paper towels I use in a day as I try to ration what’s in short supply, or the days until What’s Not Said (She Writes Press), my debut novel, is released on September 15,… Continue reading On Becoming a Statistic

Guest post/Interview

Sharing All That

An interview with Willa Goodfellow, author of Prozac Monologues: A Voice from the Edge “You are so frank about your experiences of mental illness! Does it ever give you pause to share all that with your readers?” My interviewer and I are preparing questions for the launch of my memoir, Prozac Monologues: A Voice from… Continue reading Sharing All That

Guest post/Interview, History

Guest Author: Nancy Oswald

When researching for my historical fiction book, Nothing Here but Stones based on the Jewish Colony at Cotopaxi, I searched hard for research materials about the Jewish experience in the west.  I found two very special books that helped me to better understand the experiences of Jewish women who immigrated to remote areas of the… Continue reading Guest Author: Nancy Oswald

Guest post/Interview

The Unthinkable

by guest author Kristen Rademacher As a single woman in my late twenties, I rented the top floor of a two-family house within spitting distance of Cambridge, Massachusetts. My landlords, an elderly couple, both with polio, lived on the first floor. I adored them. We lived peaceably together for nearly a decade, sharing the Boston… Continue reading The Unthinkable