5 Carnegie Libraries in Northern California

February is National Library Month. What better way to celebrate than to showcase Carnegie libraries near me? As a teen, Andrew Carnegie borrowed books from the personal library of Colonel James Anderson, who opened his collection to his workers every Saturday. By doing so, he provided immigrants like Carnegie the opportunity to better themselves in… Continue reading 5 Carnegie Libraries in Northern California

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Guest Author: Nancy Oswald

When researching for my historical fiction book, Nothing Here but Stones based on the Jewish Colony at Cotopaxi, I searched hard for research materials about the Jewish experience in the west.  I found two very special books that helped me to better understand the experiences of Jewish women who immigrated to remote areas of the… Continue reading Guest Author: Nancy Oswald


Local History: The Peralta Adobe

Luis Maria Peralta Adobe, San Jose, CA San Jose is the oldest city settlement in California. It was founded in 1777 when 66 settlers were sent there from San Francisco by the Juan Bautista de Anza expedition. The Luis Maria Peralta adobe is the oldest building in San Jose. Nestled amongst high rises and trendy… Continue reading Local History: The Peralta Adobe


The First Self-Publisher

Recently I visited the book bindery in Colonial Williamsburg. The bookbinder creates beautiful hand made books, both paperback and with leather covers. As an author who has self-published four of my own books, I appreciate an excellent product. As a leatherworker, I appreciate a properly bound leather book. Having said that, no one would ever… Continue reading The First Self-Publisher

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Hawaiian Superstitions

Every culture has superstitious beliefs. As a child, I was encouraged not to step on sidewalk cracks lest I break my mother's back, to throw spilled salt over my shoulder, and not let black cats cross my path. While researching my book Aloha Spirit, I learned about Hawaiian superstitions because one of my characters is… Continue reading Hawaiian Superstitions