Once in a Pink Moon by Luanne C. Brown

A contemporary retelling of the frog prince tale–twisted inside out.

Once in a Pink Moon is the story of seventeen-year-old Nora inherits an object from her mother that shows her how Nature is interconnected and in danger from humans. Nora already has enemies trying to take her murdered father’s tree farm, but this object is sacred to the world of frogs so she has enemies there, too. Ranya, Queen of the Frogs, sees Nora as a threat even as her son, Prince Azzie, tries to save both worlds.

Normally I read historical fiction, but every now and again I revert to my original favorite, fantasy. The gorgeous cover on this one pulled me in. It’s a little long, at over 550 pages, and I feel like it moved very slowly in the beginning. I’m thrilled, though, that I hung in there and kept reading.

The frog world is developed with beauty and details such as sow bug spies and terms like hopalometer and lockhop. Both story lines, in the frog world and in Nora’s human world, are well developed and compelling, with strong supporting friendships and believable evil antagonists. Blended in with the environmental message is a dual story of coming of age, self-appreciation, and friendship. Highly recommended.

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