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YA BlogfestToday I’m being hosted on Apryl Baker’s Blogfest! I like doing these events because it gives me an opportunity to show a different side of my characters, to do something different. In this post, a fictional patroness interviews the key characters of my three flying horse novels to see who might be the best barn leader. Check it out!

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Back to School Blog Hop

Microsoft Word - Document4Happy September! If your local school district is like mine, you’ve already been in school for two weeks. Nonetheless, I’ve always thought of September as Back to School month. This September, my books will be featured all month on a blog hop. Listed below are the bloggers who will be participating. Links to their blogs will be live once their Blog Hop post goes live. So put away those math books and click over to some interviews, book excerpts, guest posts, and other goodies.

Welcome to my Back to School Blog Hop!


September 2: Charles Ray  **  Charlie Ray’s Ramblings         
September 3: Apryl Baker  **  My Crazy Corner
September 4: Victoriya Aliferchyk  **  Vik Tory Arch           
September 5: Connie Peck  **  Connie Peck       
September 6: Angela Fristoe  **  Turning the Pages
September 7: Karin Rita Gastreich  ** Eolyn Chronicles
September 8: Courtney Vail  ** Gotta Have YA                     
September 9: Keeley  ** Keeley Reads                               
September 10: Evelyn Ralph  **  Evelyn’s Blog    
September 11: Cheryl  ** Gwyneira’s Book Blog    
September 12: Vanessa Aere  **  Book Butterfly Reviews          
September 13: Tiana Lemons  **  Ethereal Book Reviews    
September 14: Linda Ulleseit ** Chicks Writing Rockin’ YA          
September 15: DelSheree Gladden  **  The Edible Bookshelf          
September 16: Judy Goodwin  **  My Writerly World       
September 17: Emily Thompson  **  Clockwork Twist            
September 18: Charles Ray  **  Charlie Ray’s Ramblings   
September 19: Mary Collins ** Good Books Never Die     
September 20: Lauralee  **  History From a Woman’s Perspective
September 21: Kira Tregoning  **  Fantastical Reads     
September 22: Susan Stec  **  The Grateful Undead
September 23: Cathy Dougherty  **  Catherine Dougherty                          
September 25:  Dianne Bylo  **  Tome Tender
September 26: Jeanne Bannon Repole ** Beyond Words  
September 27: J.L. Campbell ** Reader’s Suite
September 28: Audra Middleton  **  Audra Writes
September 29: Jonel  **  Pure Jonel Confessions of a Bibliophile                    
September 30: Linda Ulleseit  **  Books, Books, Books

Under a Wild and Darkening Sky

coverA review of my book by Megan, one of my students!

Under a Wild and Darkening Sky, by Linda Ulleseit, portrays Alyna and Ralf adapting to their new home in, High Meadow while working in their father’s bakery. Their parents plan out their future, but Ralf and Alyna chose not to follow in that particular path. They must also make careful decisions, and one wrong step comes the fall of High Meadow. Whew! That’s intense.

Alyna easily adapts to life in the barn, with a little help from a friend. I found this quite nice, as Alyna was never able to make friends in Merioneth. Alyna’s change adds a nice touch to the story. Ralf, on the other hand, is very adventurous. I really don’t know what to say. I can’t describe what he’s like. If I could, the word would be mixed-up-torn-loyal-maker of decisions-helper all mashed up into one word. Other than that description, he is hopeful and courageous when he helps restore- oh! I can’t give too much away, now can I? I was doubtful he would be any good when he helped his new troublesome friend, but as the story progressed, my opinions changed. I was hooked on like a fish, I suppose.

Evan, one of my least favorite characters from the beginning of the series, becomes crazed with power. People lose themselves to power, which I think is what happened to Evan. An important lesson in this part of the story is not to lose yourself to power otherwise you will get hit by- Oh no! I can’t give the book away!  And it was an exciting part about Evan! Oh well. You’ll have to read the book yourself! Anyway, as I just said, it teaches you an important lesson.

This is an excellent ending to the trilogy, and you don’t have to start from the first book, it’s easy to understand the idea of the story. I never thought I would enjoy Historical Fantasy/ Young Adult Books, but this, THIS! is truly fantastic. On my best book list!  The tension and the grabbing plot caused me to keep reading to find out what happened when Ralf and Alyna- No! I can’t reveal it! Okay, never mind. I would DEFINITELY recommend this to everyone in the whole wide world! Only if they would listen…

About Reading

September 26: Red Letter Day

YA Blogfest GenresFIRST,

my novel IN THE WINDS OF DANGER is featured today on My Crazy Corner! Check it out as well as all the other YA books on the Blogfest!


my novella, WINGS OVER TREMEIRCHSON, is free on Kindle today! Download it now through Monday for free. Tell your friends!


today is my thirty-second wedding anniversary! Happy anniversary to my amazing and supportive husband.

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WOT CoverHappy release day! My flying horse novella, a prequel to my trilogy, is now available for Kindle! This weekend, Thursday through Monday, it will be a free download. Get it then!

Wings Over Tremeirchson on Amazon


A New Review For My Book!

cover2In the Winds of Danger has been ignored a bit while I spend the summer writing something new. Here is a review from J.A. Campbell, a horse lover and author of books about horses who time travel. She hasn’t read On a Wing and a Dare yet, so it’s interesting to see what she thinks of book two. Meanwhile, I’m working on Wings Over Tremeirchson, which is a novella (short novel) telling the story of Hoel and Neste, Emma’s parents. Click on the link below and read Campbell’s review. It will help pass the time until my new one is released!

J. A. Campbell’s review


My Blog Tour!

InTheWindsOfDanger_BannerBeginning today, my new book, In the Winds of Danger, will be featured all over the blogosphere. Check back here each day as these links go live to reviews, interviews, and guest posts.

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In the Winds of Danger

cover2Always tacky to review your own book, so here is a review from the first student to read this book.

In the Winds of Danger

by Kayla

The book In the Winds of Danger, by Linda Ulleseit, tells about what happens after the people of Tremeirchson move to High Meadow in an attempt to recuperate the horses lost to poisoning. But mystery and deception never stray far from the new residents of High Meadow.

Although Emma and Davyd, the beloved characters we first fell in love with in On a Wing and a Dare, aren’t the main focus of this book, Mrs. Ulleseit introduces a strong female protagonist, Nia, and provides a background story on a horse’s groom, Owain. Nia is a character that really interested me. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and is loyal to her friends. Owain was a character that I wanted to know more about after reading about him in the first book. To me, he seemed a little shifty, but later I realized that he wasn’t a bad guy. Without giving away too much, I can say that In the Winds of Danger reveals Owain’s mysterious past, surprising readers at every twist and turn.

One of my favorite parts of this great book is when Owain compares Emma and Jenett, soon-to-be mothers who are due at around the same time. Jenett is gloomy, ungroomed, and very temperamental. On the other hand, Emma is cheerful, happy, and positively glowing. They are as different as night and day. I find it interesting how two people are put through the same situation but react so differently. This reminds me of people under pressure. Some may panic and go crazy. Others may take the pressure differently and act completely calm.

My favorite part of the entire book has to be the setting. In the Winds of Danger is set in the magical hills of medieval Wales. Although the residents of High Meadow are still recovering from the horses lost in On a Wing and a Dare, flying horses still soar the skies. Mrs. Ulleseit describes ancient Wales with such beautiful writing that anyone can imagine themselves walking the streets of High Meadow.

In the Winds of Danger is the best historical fantasy book I have ever read! It is full of suspense, romance, and mystery. I highly recommend this amazing book to fans of flying horses, intricate plot lines, and great books!

About Writing

My First 250 Words

As most of you know, I have been polishing my Young Adult fantasy novel, ON A WING AND A DARE. It is now complete at 63,000 words and I have entered the first 250 words in a contest. Here they are…tell me if they grab you and make you want to read more. Then visit Shelley Watters’s blog and check out the other entries.

NOTE: Rewrite posted 6/26   Better?

Chapter 1: Fanfare

“Rhys is listless, not eating…” Mum’s voice trailed off as the winged colt collapsed like an empty burlap sack.

Emma dropped to the floor, heedless of her skirts, and cradled Rhys’s head. A flickering lantern lit the dim stall.

“Mum?” she asked. “What’s wrong with him?”

“He’s fevered. Try giving him some water,” her mother said.

Iawn, del,” Emma murmured in Welsh as she dribbled a handful of liquid into Rhys’s mouth.

“Water balances fever, but he’ll need more than that to survive the day. Maybe the mare’s milk…” Mum broke off. “Emma, don’t risk angering your father today of all days. I’ll care for Rhys. Go.”

“Da won’t notice I’m not there.”

Cariad, you’re sixteen. Time to take over your responsibilities to the barn and the family.”

Emma reluctantly laid the colt’s head on the straw and rose. “Send a groom if you need me.”

Her mother nodded, turning back to the colt and reaching to fold his stubby wings.

Outside the sanctuary of the colt’s stall, the rest of the barn came alive as the sun rose. Riders and grooms scurried forth clad in blue and silver barn colors. For her father it was all about the glory of the barn, and to Rhiannon’s Fire with everything else. Da focused more on winning the Aerial Games than on sick colts, or daughters. Emma couldn’t deal with him right now. She slipped away from the barn and headed for the place she felt most welcome—the barn of Da’s biggest rival.

That’s 250. Does it grab you?

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