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Jody Harvey

While reading will never go out of style, ebooks are fast replacing tried and true real books. I have mixed feelings about this since I love the weight of a real book, the sound of the pages turning, the smell of the paper. I love seeing the cover on my bedside table, and I love a wall covered with bookcases. I especially enjoy seeing my four novels there. Holding your own book in your hand gives new meaning to the concept of delight. My Flying Horse Trilogy (On a Wing and a Dare, In the Winds of Danger, Under a Wild and Darkening Sky) and my historical fiction novel (Under the Almond Trees) are accomplishments I am proud of.

Thomas Wightman
Thomas Wightman

On the other hand, I love that my Kindle will carry hundreds of books everywhere I go. Never will I be without reading material! Ebooks save paper, so they are better for the environment. That doesn’t change the fact, though, that thousands of books have already been printed. After they’ve been loved and read, what should be done with them?

Artists have a way of repurposing old things, and I’m thrilled to share several artists who are repurposing real books, you know, the kind with pages. These beautiful works of art ease a used book’s pain of abandonment a bit. They inspire in me the same sort of wonder that a new book does. An ebook may be more convenient, but I’ve never felt wonder looking at a

Justin Rowe
Justin Rowe

title in a list of titles. These book sculptures are filled with creativity and whimsy. They inspire awe. Someday maybe I’ll see one of these sculptors create a winged horse out of one of my books. I would be thrilled, as long as they had the ebook version on their Kindles.

Since I appreciate when people give me credit for my creations, I’ve listed the artist’s name below each picture. Search them for more examples of breathtaking book sculpture. And if you still enjoy curling up with a real book, grab one of mine! The Flying Horse books are set in Medieval Wales, in a remote town hidden in the mountains. The town is home to people who care for a herd of flying horses—the only flying horses in the world. Every year the Aerial

book 4
Sue BlackwellAnd the next time you read an ebook, don’t feel bad. Somewhere one of these artists is creating a masterpiece from the paperback version.

Games is held, pitting one barn of horses against another in aerial feats of racing and dancing. ON A WING AND A DARE center around characters like Davyd, who dreads following his family tradition and becoming a rider of the winged horses. And Emma, torn between her love two brothers, one the bad boy and one the dependable kind. IN THE WINDS OF DANGER begins with a Barn Leader trying something new—aerial jousting. Nia is disgusted with the idea and looks for something else to try. UNDER A WILD AND DARKENING SKY follows siblings Ralf and Alyna as they move into the town. Alyna tries to fit into barn life while her brother is more interested in the beautiful and dangerous Branwen.


Favorite Children

threecovers0I am often asked which of my books is my favorite, yet I’ve never had anyone ask which of my sons is my favorite. My books are like my children: they took a lot of effort to ‘raise.’ If I am distracted from them sales decrease, like children acting out to get attention. I’m proud of them, books and children, but I see their faults. Each book has its own personality and strengths.

My first book, ON A WING AND A DARE, has a love triangle. Emma loves both Davyd and Evan, who are brothers. I admire Emma’s strength, and enjoy reviews on Amazon or Goodreads where readers say they are rooting for Evan…or Davyd.

The middle child, IN THE WINDS OF DANGER, has a young but fiercely strong female character. Nia absolutely will not let anyone push her around, and it’s not always obvious who is trying to do so. Any parent would be proud of her independent fire.

The last in the Flying Horse trilogy is UNDER A WILD AND DARKENING SKY, which has a wonderful brother/sister relationship. Alyna and Ralf support each other even as they make choices that set

UAT front

them in opposition to each other.

My most recent book is UNDER THE ALMOND TREES, which is not about flying horses. The three main characters here are strong women who helped settle California and happen to be related to me. Ellen fights for women’s right to vote, Emily wants to be an architect, and Eva opens her own photography studio. All of this is taken for granted today, but for them it was a difficult road.

So each of my books are loved for different reasons. You can see my favorite love triangle, favorite strong female character, favorite siblings, and favorite inspirational women. But a favorite overall book? I can’t pick. Summer is under way now, so why don’t you read them all and tell me which is your favorite? Don’t forget to leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Thanks!


Book Signing Tomorrow!

Microsoft Word - AUTHOR APPEARANCE.docxEvergreen Coffee Company

is located at 4075 Evergreen Village Square, Suite #150. It’s a great place to get a cup of coffee and something to eat, and I will be there tomorrow selling and signing books. It’s a particularly good time to come out to see me–I will have my entire flying horse trilogy as well as my new historical fiction book. If you are anywhere near San Jose tomorrow, Evergreen Coffee Company is the place to be!



Meet the Characters Blogfest

Character Blogfest DG

Welcome to the Meet the Characters Blogfest!

Readers, get ready for a whole month of some of the most interesting, hottest, attention grabbing characters in today’s YA, NA, Romance, Horror, and Paranormal fiction!
All month long DelSheree Gladden will be introducing readers to amazing characters through character bios, artwork, interviews, and contests. Check out the schedule below from what you’ll find each day this month–and check to see when my own books will be featured!

That’s Not All…

We’ll be having some fabulous contests, each of which has its own giveaway. Readers will get to vote on the characters, and one lucky voter in each contest will win a copy of the book the Winning Character comes from. The character giveaways will include:
Feistiest Girl Contest (10/11)
Cutest Couple Contest (10/18)
Steamiest Couple Contest (10/25)
There will also be one MAIN GIVEAWAY starting today where 1 LUCKY WINNER will win a prize pack of 40 books from some of today’s hottest new authors. Additional winners will be chosen to receive runner-up prize packs as well. Scroll down and enter below!


10/2 — Character interviews with:
             Zadie Stonebrook (My Sister’s Reaper – Dorothy Dreyer),
            Tizzy Donovan (Laid out and Candle Lit – Ann Everett),
            Kristi Becker (A Plain Wish – Cyndi Lord),
            Zander Roth (Wicked Hunger – DelSheree Gladden)
10/3 — Character Bios from:
              Kristi Becker (A Plain Wish – Cyndi Lord),
              Bryan Sullivan (Arcadia’s Gift – Jesi Lea Ryan),
              Brandon James (Love and Other Games – Aria Kane
10/4 — Hottest Guy Contest (Stop by DelSheree’s blog and vote for your favorite!)
10/7 — Character Surprise Posts from authors RH Ramsey and DelSheree Gladden
10/8 — Character Artwork from:
             The Other F Word (Susan Stec)
              Wicked Hunger  (DelSheree Gladden)
10/9 — Character interviews with:
               Kate Everett (A Slight Change of Plan – Dee Ernst),
               Jean (In Polester Pajamas – Catherine Dougherty),
              Ben (Twenty-Five – Rachel Hamm),
              Vanessa Roth (Wicked Hunger – DelSheree Gladden)
10/10 — Character Bios from:
               Kassia (Ice Magic),
              Maze (The Ballerina and the Fighter – Ursula Sinclair),
              Lucien (Smoke, Wings, and Stone – Marijon Bradley)
10/11 — Feistiest Girl Contest (Stop by DelSheree’s blog and vote for your favorite!)
10/14 — Character Surprise Posts from authors Kara Leigh MillerSharon KleveLinda Budzinski
10/15 — Character Artwork from:
               On a Wing and a Dare (Linda Ulleseit),
                Invisible (DelSheree Gladden)
10/16 — Character interviews with:
                David Corbin and Jon Reyes (Sign of the Throne – Melissa Eskue Ousley),
                Rosie (In Polyester Pajamas – Catherine Dougherty),
               Ketchup (Wicked Hunger – DelSheree Gladden)
10/17 — Character Bios from:
                Nadia (Love and Other Games – Melinda Dozier),
                (Karen Rita Gastreich),
                (HL Carpenter)
10/18 — Cutest Couple Contest (Stop by DelSheree’s blog and vote for your favorite!)
10/21 — Character Surprise Posts from authors Stephanie WardropLucy CroweAna Blaze
10/22 — Character Artwork from:
                Haunting Joy (Lena Goldfinch) and
               The Destroyer  Trilogy (DelSheree Gladden)
10/23 — Character interviews with:
                Rachel Blackstone (The Relcutant Medium – GG Collins),
                Nell (The King Series – Tawdra Kandle),
                Arcadia ( Arcadia’s Gift – Jesi Lea Ryan),
                 Olivia & Mason (Invisible – DelSheree Gladden)
10/24 — Character Bios from
                (Karin Rita Gastreich),
                Sam and Cole (Fate War: Alliance – EM Havens)
10/25 — Steamiest Couple Contest (Stop by DelSheree’s blog and vote for your favorite!)
10/28 — Character Surprise Posts from authors Susan StecShauna RobertsLisa Cresswell
10/29 — Character Artwork from:
                My Sister’s Reaper (Dorothy Deryer),
                Twin Souls  (DelSheree Gladden)
10/30 — Character interviews with:
                Nathan Shaw (Reflection – Kim Cresswell),
               Nia (In the  Winds of Danger – Linda Ulleseit),
               Jayden or Merch (Dark Night of the Soul – EM  Havens)
10/31 — Winner’s Announcements!!!

My Book Reviewed!


My first novel, On a Wing and a Dare, is being featured on E. M. Havens’ blog. Click to check out an excerpt from the first chapter, author bio, and her review of my book.

Remember that BOTH of my books will be free on Kindle April 18, 19, and 20!


In the Winds of Danger

cover2Always tacky to review your own book, so here is a review from the first student to read this book.

In the Winds of Danger

by Kayla

The book In the Winds of Danger, by Linda Ulleseit, tells about what happens after the people of Tremeirchson move to High Meadow in an attempt to recuperate the horses lost to poisoning. But mystery and deception never stray far from the new residents of High Meadow.

Although Emma and Davyd, the beloved characters we first fell in love with in On a Wing and a Dare, aren’t the main focus of this book, Mrs. Ulleseit introduces a strong female protagonist, Nia, and provides a background story on a horse’s groom, Owain. Nia is a character that really interested me. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and is loyal to her friends. Owain was a character that I wanted to know more about after reading about him in the first book. To me, he seemed a little shifty, but later I realized that he wasn’t a bad guy. Without giving away too much, I can say that In the Winds of Danger reveals Owain’s mysterious past, surprising readers at every twist and turn.

One of my favorite parts of this great book is when Owain compares Emma and Jenett, soon-to-be mothers who are due at around the same time. Jenett is gloomy, ungroomed, and very temperamental. On the other hand, Emma is cheerful, happy, and positively glowing. They are as different as night and day. I find it interesting how two people are put through the same situation but react so differently. This reminds me of people under pressure. Some may panic and go crazy. Others may take the pressure differently and act completely calm.

My favorite part of the entire book has to be the setting. In the Winds of Danger is set in the magical hills of medieval Wales. Although the residents of High Meadow are still recovering from the horses lost in On a Wing and a Dare, flying horses still soar the skies. Mrs. Ulleseit describes ancient Wales with such beautiful writing that anyone can imagine themselves walking the streets of High Meadow.

In the Winds of Danger is the best historical fantasy book I have ever read! It is full of suspense, romance, and mystery. I highly recommend this amazing book to fans of flying horses, intricate plot lines, and great books!

About Writing

Interview on NaNoWriMo Blog

October always means it’s time to prepare for National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. Since my NaNoWriMo novel was published last summer, the Office of Letters and Light (a.k.a. the people in charge of NaNoWriMo) interviewed me for their blog. Here is the link to the interview, which includes tips for getting ready to write novels this November as well as the story of my own novelling experience.


In hardback: Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan

About Writing

My First 250 Words

As most of you know, I have been polishing my Young Adult fantasy novel, ON A WING AND A DARE. It is now complete at 63,000 words and I have entered the first 250 words in a contest. Here they are…tell me if they grab you and make you want to read more. Then visit Shelley Watters’s blog and check out the other entries.

NOTE: Rewrite posted 6/26   Better?

Chapter 1: Fanfare

“Rhys is listless, not eating…” Mum’s voice trailed off as the winged colt collapsed like an empty burlap sack.

Emma dropped to the floor, heedless of her skirts, and cradled Rhys’s head. A flickering lantern lit the dim stall.

“Mum?” she asked. “What’s wrong with him?”

“He’s fevered. Try giving him some water,” her mother said.

Iawn, del,” Emma murmured in Welsh as she dribbled a handful of liquid into Rhys’s mouth.

“Water balances fever, but he’ll need more than that to survive the day. Maybe the mare’s milk…” Mum broke off. “Emma, don’t risk angering your father today of all days. I’ll care for Rhys. Go.”

“Da won’t notice I’m not there.”

Cariad, you’re sixteen. Time to take over your responsibilities to the barn and the family.”

Emma reluctantly laid the colt’s head on the straw and rose. “Send a groom if you need me.”

Her mother nodded, turning back to the colt and reaching to fold his stubby wings.

Outside the sanctuary of the colt’s stall, the rest of the barn came alive as the sun rose. Riders and grooms scurried forth clad in blue and silver barn colors. For her father it was all about the glory of the barn, and to Rhiannon’s Fire with everything else. Da focused more on winning the Aerial Games than on sick colts, or daughters. Emma couldn’t deal with him right now. She slipped away from the barn and headed for the place she felt most welcome—the barn of Da’s biggest rival.

That’s 250. Does it grab you?

On my Kindle: A Feast for Crows by George R. R. Martin