Guest post/Interview

Why Knowing Your Setting is Important

Why Knowing Your Setting is Important by Phyl Manning No matter where on this planet you "set" your story, someone or twenty someones among your readers will have been in that exact place at that particular season/time/year. . . . and will have taken copious notes. And that’s fine—if you’ve been there, too, and recall… Continue reading Why Knowing Your Setting is Important


Phyl Manning: Synopsis

Here, There & Otherwhere are in two volumes published approximately one year apart, both anthologies of narrative nonfiction. The genre by its very nature (not memoir, not autobiography) requires true-life adventure with focus never on author per se but rather on what is happening under what conditions. In narrative nonfiction, the author is the story-teller but… Continue reading Phyl Manning: Synopsis


Phyl Manning: Elephant Contest

ELEPHANTS*PACHYDERMS ELEPHANTHOLOGY* ELEPHANTS Sure, they can paint—but only YOU can write. Yes, about elephants. We’re hosting a two-level contest with (a) modest $$ winnings and (b) possible inclusion in Elephanthology, a planned anthology of elephant lore—short stories of fiction or narrative nonfiction (imaginative writing, not articles per se), poetry, flash fiction . . . all published with author’s… Continue reading Phyl Manning: Elephant Contest