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Writing Historical Female Characters by Jill G. Hall

Guest post by author Jill G. Hall I’m the author of a dual timeline series about women searching for their place in the world connected by vintage finds. All three novels feature present day artist Anne McFarland and a counterpart female character from the past. I’ve been drawn to time periods undergoing social change for… Continue reading Writing Historical Female Characters by Jill G. Hall

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Write What You Don’t Know

(first published August, 2020 by Women's Writers, Women's Books) Many writing teachers tell new authors to write what they know. That has value if you are describing a setting, for example. It helps to know how the place looks, feels, smells, and sounds. But what if you write fantasy? No one knows what it’s like… Continue reading Write What You Don’t Know


Learning Family Stories

Everyone has stories. As I get older, the stories of my youth become more and more interesting to my sons. They can't imagine a world without electronics, without cell phones, without CD players. To me, it's daily life. To them, it's a family story. The challenge for me is to tell them every wonderful (to… Continue reading Learning Family Stories