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Writing Short

(This article first appeared on Paperlanternwriters.com) I am a novel writer. I like taking thousands of words to develop a scene or foreshadow the plot. My books are thirty or so chapters.That’s why when Paper Lantern Writers came up with the idea for Unlocked, I initially hesitated. The idea was great, and I wholly supported… Continue reading Writing Short

About Reading & Writing

Three Tips For New Writers

I don’t believe anyone can become a fabulous writer by following only three tips, nor do I believe anyone can absorb the entire multitude of writing advice offered. These three tips will give you a strong start, after which you can further explore what you need to know. Read what you want to write. When… Continue reading Three Tips For New Writers


Writers vs. Authors

Someone asked me recently what I believed to be the difference between an author and a writer, and which I considered myself. First of all, let me say that whether or not you are an author is not determined by whether or not you are published. It’s more subtle than that. On the Internet, it… Continue reading Writers vs. Authors

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Hawaiian Superstitions

Every culture has superstitious beliefs. As a child, I was encouraged not to step on sidewalk cracks lest I break my mother's back, to throw spilled salt over my shoulder, and not let black cats cross my path. While researching my book Aloha Spirit, I learned about Hawaiian superstitions because one of my characters is… Continue reading Hawaiian Superstitions


Creative Expression

I have always had the need to express myself creatively. I drew and colored and wrote stories, and later tried every art or craft I could. It was more than fun. My very soul demanded creative expression. I even remember making up stories in middle school and passing them off as truth--like how my mother… Continue reading Creative Expression