The Orchid Hour

There is a certain hour, in the dead of night, when the orchid’s scent can put you under a spell…

I was drawn to The Orchid Hour, by Nancy Bilyeau, by that wonderful title. The mystery is set in Manhattan in the 1920s and it makes Jazz Age New York come alive. Zia, a librarian, is a widow living in the Italian community with her in-laws and young son. Through no fault of her own she becomes involved in the murder investigation of one of the library’s patrons. The investigation leads her to a secret nightclub, The Orchid Hour, that is reached by going through a florist.

As the point of view alternates between Zia, the police investigator, and a gangster, the reader learns about New York’s gritty underbelly. With the help of her cousin, Zia gets a job caring for the special orchids at the club, flowers that bloom only at night, so she can investigate the murder. The story unfolds with romance and suspense. Zia is a complex, likable character in a cast of well-drawn characters. The setting is rich with historical detail, and the plot well-paced and compelling. If you love orchids and mystery, this one’s for you.

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  1. Sounds great!

  2. Sounds interesting, might give this a shot.

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