The Wolf and the Sorceress

coverThe Wolf and the Sorceress; The King’s Magician by Brian Pemberton

The sorceress, Nemeila, crash landed in the woods as baby–in a spaceship. She is rescued by a wolf. Now if that doesn’t hook your interest right away, I don’t know what will. Nemeila is taken in by a woodsman and his wife and is raised as their daughter. But that’s not the end of the story. We meet Nemeila’s real mother and an evil sorcerer who is her nemesis. Nemeila’s adventure includes traveling to another land to rescue a prince when the sorceror kills his father. In addition to the wolf, the story includes a dragon, an eagle, and a horse. While the animals can’t talk, I enjoy how the author puts their thoughts into words for the reader.

This novel is perfect for middle grade readers and up. The character of Nemeila instantly makes you root for her. Parlan and Tyler, the prince and his friend, are also well developed characters. The conflict is great, plausible with just the right amount of magic.

The very best news of all is that the author is planning five more books in this series. We don’t have to leave Nemeila and her wolf yet!

6 responses to “The Wolf and the Sorceress”

  1. Wow. This should be a good book, In a myth I heard that a mother’s two kid’s, who were giants were left somewhere and when someone found them they gave the twins to Lupa the goddess wolf. This makes me wanna read it. Where can you get that book, from amazon??

    1. Unfortunately, it’s not available in paperback. The ebook is on Amazon. Don’t forget to proofread your comment, Yasmeen (you have a misplaced apostrophe, a slang word, and a missing capital).

  2. Wow! This looks like an amazing book. I would be scared if I was in her position. Although, I would like to travel to another land. If you have a copy, could you please lend it to me? I would love to read it!

    1. I’m sorry, Sonali, it’s only available by ebook. You can get it on Amazon, though, if you have an ereader.

  3. Ok. I will get in on Amazon! Thanks for your help!

  4. This book sounds really interesting I would like to read it. This girl sounds really brave and is a good character for the book.

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