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Write What You Don’t Know

(first published August, 2020 by Women's Writers, Women's Books) Many writing teachers tell new authors to write what they know. That has value if you are describing a setting, for example. It helps to know how the place looks, feels, smells, and sounds. But what if you write fantasy? No one knows what it’s like… Continue reading Write What You Don’t Know

Guest post/Interview

On Becoming a Statistic

By Valerie Taylor Lately I’ve had counting on my mind. Whether it’s the number of daily COVID-19 cases, the number of paper towels I use in a day as I try to ration what’s in short supply, or the days until What’s Not Said (She Writes Press), my debut novel, is released on September 15,… Continue reading On Becoming a Statistic

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Autumn Reading

(First published on Paper Lantern Writers blog, September 2020) Since I began teaching in 1997, autumn meant back to school and September. Even as the school year’s opening day creeped into mid-August, September meant autumn. The school library displayed books like Fall Leaves Fall!, For the Love of Autumn,  Awesome Autumn, and Fletcher and the… Continue reading Autumn Reading


An Author’s Advice on Writing Amazon Reviews

Let me start by encouraging you to actually write a customer review of whatever book you’re reading. It’s a fact that a very small percentage of Amazon book sales get reviewed by the customer. Although Amazon continually updates its mysterious algorithm, it remains true that the more reviews a book receives the more visible it… Continue reading An Author’s Advice on Writing Amazon Reviews