Free Holiday Dessert Recipes!

As Christmas approaches, many people engage in frantically shopping for last minute gifts. This year, all online retailers are struggling to get their product out through overwhelmed delivery services. I know I'm biting my nails waiting for a few items I ordered. What if I offered you an alternative? Here is a beautiful gift that… Continue reading Free Holiday Dessert Recipes!


Paper Lantern Writers GIVEAWAY!

Paper Lantern Writers is launching a store! In our next exciting step, we are offering the first chapters of each of our works. This initial volume offers readers a sneak peek into the various different historical worlds of our current members. Download Paper Lantern Writers’ FIRST CHAPTERS: VOLUME ONE on either an .epub platform or… Continue reading Paper Lantern Writers GIVEAWAY!

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Hawaiian Superstitions

Every culture has superstitious beliefs. As a child, I was encouraged not to step on sidewalk cracks lest I break my mother's back, to throw spilled salt over my shoulder, and not let black cats cross my path. While researching my book Aloha Spirit, I learned about Hawaiian superstitions because one of my characters is… Continue reading Hawaiian Superstitions